Why Dual Agar closed down...

...and what a beautiful history we built together!

Over our 3.5 years we made such an amazing history but it's now time to end it, I have been forced to closed down the game due to mass ddos attacks from Acydwarp.

Dual Agar has been played by over eight million unique users in almost 150 million page views.I am proud of the fact we were a unique game and bought the joy of multiboxing to many people

I will maybe consider bringing the game back to selling the source. In terms of bringing it back, I can bring it back if I have some money. If you want to donate or purchase contact me at my email [email protected]

My co-owner Mistik also released his own game which I would consider the spirutual successor to Dual Agar. It is called Senpa.io

You can join the discord on https://discord.gg/huDNH8m

You can play the game, Senpa.io

Best regards,